Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thing 21 - Screencasting

1. Review the Flipped Classroom wiki, and reflect on the elements of a Flipped Classroom that you could incorporate in your classroom.
-I see the flipped classroom as something that could enhance my teaching and student learning, but not something I would do all of the time. Flipping the classroom ocassionaly would allow for variety of delivery of information and keep my teaching from becoming stale. I'm always the kind of person that will be interested in new techniques and ideas, but won't throw out the tried and tested of the path. "Don't throw the baby out with the bath-water." Keep the best of the old while discovering the best of the new.

2. My screencast:

3. Reflect on the strengths or weaknesses of your screencast, and strategize how you can improve your next recording:
The strength of the screencast is that students can view it any time any place a computer is available. It takes something that would take up learning time in class and moves it to home where it could be viewed anytime.
The weakness of this screencast is that it is too long and not focused enough. In the future I will break the screencast down into smaller pieces so that students can view just the part that they need help on. For this one I would break it into a section on how to fine tune the form, one on how to write a current events summary, and a third where I would highlight the different web based current events sources.

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