Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thing 20 - Online Video and Audio Resources

I used Learn 360 to download a video titled Africa: The People, which gave my students a brief overview of African History and Culture.

1. Describe how you could integrate online video and audio resources into your classroom instruction.
I use video and audio resources all the time in my classroom. I use "This Day in History"  nearly every day in my history class. I've downloaded numerous videos for Learn 360 for my Social Studies and History classes. I use YouTube and TeacherTube to show brief clips that enhance my teaching. I use audio sources for things such as the dramatization of primary sources (example: American Rhetoric has audio dramatizations of speeches like the Gettysburg Address read by people like Johnny Cash or Jeff Daniels). I also have downloaded videos on iTunes like America: The Story of Us from the History Channel. I also teach an exploratory class on media discernment so I regularly use iTunes for songs and Youtube for video clips. 

2. Explain the features of one of the tools listed above
Learn 360 allows for searching by topic and grade level and media type, so is very useful in finding exactly what I need.
iTunes allows me to subscribe to podcasts that will enhance my own personal knowledge, and sometimes find stuff that may be useful in my classroom.
3. Compare/contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the video resources compared to audio resources in your reflection.
Both the audio and video resource are invaluable tools that enhance teaching and appeal strongly to the visual or audio learner. They allow for variety in the presentation of material. Video has an advantage in the fact that it is both sound and sight and often the resources can be used for instruction. The audio is often something that will enhance teacher knowledge and something that might not be used directly in the classroom, although there are many audio source that can be. Some of these sources can also be posted to my courses' Moodle pages so that absent students can view them or other students can view them for review.

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