Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thing 19 - Digital Story Telling

1. Create a storyboard for your project. Post a screenshot into your blog.

2. Choose one of the resources listed to create a short 2-3 minute video that includes title, content, transitions and music. Post your digital story to your Face of the Classroom site; provide the URL for the site.
Site URL:  Video can be found at Valley Forge Video. Video produced on Windows Live.

3. Write about two ways digital storytelling can be used in your classroom or educational setting to help meet multiple means of expression.
a) Digital storytelling can be used by the teacher to present information in a multimedia format to try to reach students on an audio and visual level - a way to reach more of the multiple intelligences. It also can be posted online for use by those who are sick or for review.
b) Digital storytelling can be used as an assignment choice for students to produce for a topic of study. It forces the student to think through carefully what should be included by means of the storyboard, and it reinforces the material to be learned. I know that in producing this 3 minute video for this project that I can easily remember the information that I included.

4. Include some feedback from a student or a peer about your project and what suggestions for improvement were recommended in your reflection.
From a peer: "It would be easier to read if you used a drop shadow on your font.  It was very well done, even though some of the pictures were quite gross!"
From a student: "It reinforced things I had already learned about Valley Forge."

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