Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thing 18 - Virtual Classrooms

1.A plan to extend my classroom. I'm currently teaching a series of lessons on South Africa focusing on Apartheid then the election of Nelson Mandela. I found a South African middle school on ePals that is interested in a cultural exchange. My students can share our culture with them as they share what life is like in post-Apartheid South Africa

I can also extend my classroom by "flipping" it. I can Moodle post a screen cast of a lesson then use class time to assist students in doing something that applies the information in a new way.

2. summarize what is necessary to be successful as an online student:
Whatever it takes to be a successful student... what it takes to be successful at this 21 things class: self-motivated, non-procrastinator, focused, self-directed, but with appropriate support and mentorship; knowing who can answer your questions. There needs to be appropriate accountability or students could easily slack off.

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