Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thing 12 - Assessment/Evaluation and Survey Tools

1. Google Form: Here's the link to my form:

I teach an elective course about media discernment and this form was used to get a feel for what the students listen to and watch. This gives me a starting point for what we will listen to and watch in class to help students be critical consumers of media. I can also use forms to get a quick class overview of class concepts with a quick 5 to 10 question quiz or survey so I can look for trends in certain responses. Google forms is nice because I can get the whole class' answers in one document, rather than 60 separate papers. Plus that saves trees! Here's a screenshot of part of the completed form:

I have students create a PowerPoint (or other presentation option) ABC book about people, places, or events in the Eastern Hemisphere as a way of sharing things they have learned as well as helping classmates learn new information. This rubric helps the grading of the project be more objective and lets the student be sure of what is being evaluated.

3. Data warehousing, SIS etc. can be very useful to let a teacher know if a student is showing growth over time. It also can show if there is a certain topic or standard that a student is struggling with. It can also give a school the opportunity to look at whether large groups of students may be struggling with a topic or standard every year. It may not be a student learning problem, but  a school delivery of instruction on that topic problem.
FERPA/HIPAA is important so that a students privacy is  maintained while information can be provided to sources that need it as long as the proper protocol is followed.

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  1. Bill - I really like your idea on capturing the responses from your students. I wonder how they responded to doing their work that way, versus writing a response paper or a worksheet?