Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thing 3 - GoogleDocs

I've used GoogleDocs for a while. My staff puts working documents on GoogleDocs so that all of us can access it and make adjustments to it. We've collaborated to plan chapels, to plan how to show appreciation to support staff, and brainstorm how to publicize our school more effectively. I have a language arts colleague who has students hand in stories on GoogleDocs (all our students have Gmail and our school uses Google Aps for Educators) and she would add comments on the Doc for editing purposes, and then final copy comments before they received a grade. That is something I would like to try this year. I'm our yearbook adviser, so I share a GoogleDoc spreadsheet with my yearbook staff to track advertising sales and who is calling whom. See the examples below.

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  1. Thanks for your reflection on your use of Google Docs.

    I would agree with you about using Google Docs and how easy it makes to collaborate. I rarely use MS Word anymore now that Google Docs has become so powerful with all of the collaboration features.

    Very nice screenshots by the way... liking that Jing! are you? :)