Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thing 1 - Shortcuts

I already knew the staple control shortcuts of A, C, V, X, Z, P, but I didn't know the triple click one (as seen in the image). That one will help when I need to quickly copy a paragraph to paste (especially from a website into a document). I also really like the paint format option. I never knew what that brush would do. That saves a lot of steps depending on how complicated the format you are painting is.
Having the shortcuts reference card might be nice at first, but for the shortcuts really to be shortcuts require that they become more second nature. So I focused on a couple that can instantly become part of my repertoire (triple click, paint format) because they were easy to remember. I also added Control-K to my control shortcut memory to add a hyperlinK. It always frustrates me to watch others use Word without using shortcuts because they could be more efficient. I probably frustrate more proficient Word users because there were more ways to be efficient that I didn't even know about. Here's to becoming even more efficient.

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