Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thing 1 - Diigo

Here's the link to my Diigo site: . I love that you can search through other people's bookmarks. It's also great that you can search using multiple tags to narrow down your search. I'm still in the process of tagging the favorites I imported from my browser. I also enjoyed stealing some of Ron's favorites. At this point Diigo will not make me more productive because I spent so much time looking through other people's Diigo sites (some really cool ones - I looked through one, clicked a link that looked interesting, spent time on that site, then try another and it leads me somewhere else... 2 hours later - back to my Diigo) . Once I get it organized it will help greatly because it won't matter whether I place the bookmark on my computer at home, my laptop, or my desktop at school. And the ability to search by multiple tags will help me find the site I'm looking for much more quickly. I also love the ability to highlight and add post it notes to websites. That will come in handy for my own research, but also when I begin to use it with students, helping them locate the most important information.

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